The work represented on this site is a reflection of various explorations visited over the years. The purpose of our lives is to be transformed into what is complete and ultimate fulfillment. We are here in this world to reach our full potential, "God became man that man might become God." It is an outrageous desire to desire such things. I unearthed many internal obstacles as a consequence of my failed effort to stay within learned tradition. Yet the process of self-transformation is not something that happens on an abstract or theological level; instead, it takes place within the practice. Once we understand this, everything that takes place between ourselves and others appears in a new light.

The infinite range of imagination and potential has been enlivened in me through the foundations of the past and to some degree been merged with my interpretation of the present. The images here on this site do not always come from tradition and inspired doctrine, but I hope all of them intimate humankind's continual need for spiritual pursuit.

Mary Jane Miller

Miller is an experienced iconographer, 18 years in egg tempera and 23k gold leaf. Miller is included in various collections, teaching courses in her studio, prayer groups and silent retreats at the Monastery of the Soledad.

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